The Relationship Between Monetization and Marketing.

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How are you?? Hope you all are well ... The thing we talk about today is the application Monetization and marketing. You made your application work very hard and now is the time to earn it. But this is not easy. In fact, it is not easy to find a business because who wants to pay for it? But no problem, we have come up with a solution.
Marketing is a very important issue for application Monetization. A product will only succeed when it reaches everyone. And marketing is very important for doing this. In the midst of digital marketing and SEO we will make our application accessible to all. The better this work can be done, the more traffic will be generated. And the more traffic we can generate, the more popular our application will be. That is why we must take the marketing aspect very seriously.
For SEO or Marketing we have to work with many topics, among which 1.Keyword Research 2.Web 2.0 3.Bookmarking 4.Directory Submission 5.Image Submission 6.Infographic Submission 7.Video Submissi…

The current future of mobile games and applications.

Mobile games and applications are a very popular platform at present. At the moment, there are about 7.82 billion mobile SIM subscribers worldwide. There are currently 7.7777 billion mobile subscribers in Bangladesh. Currently there are 53.9 million active internet users, which is growing by + 32% per year. Needless to say, like other places in the world, mobile phones are a major source of information and entertainment in Bangladesh. Mobile games and applications are increasing in popularity in our country, in line with other countries. Today, billions of dollars are generated in the game industry in the foreign countries where our country lags far behind. We can become partners in this sector by harnessing the talent of youth in our country and that is our main goal.